Yuasa NP batteries receive TÜV-certification for use in wind turbines

GS Yuasa’s popular Yuasa branded NP series batteries have received TÜV certification which will allow them to maintain pitch motors in wind turbines.

Optimising renewable power and sustainable energy has never been more important. Yuasa NP batteries ensure the turbines continue turning, further helping the world to move towards a greener tomorrow.

To keep the power output of a wind turbine as constant as possible at different wind speeds, the blade pitch angle needs to be automatically adjustable. This automatic adjustment of the rotor blades is usually achieved using electrically operated pitch adjustment motors.

In strong winds, a control system turns the rotor blades around the longitudinal axis out of the wind. In storms of 25m/s or more, the wind turbine is shut down to prevent damage to the generator. For this purpose, the rotor blades are turned by almost 90° into an aligned position.

The TÜV-certified batteries provide a backup power source so that the pitch system can continue operating reliably even in the event of a power failure. To be on the safe side, each motor has its own backup battery. The batteries must cope with short autonomy discharges of very high currents, often many times the rated Ah capacity of the battery.

The characteristics of Yuasa 12V NP batteries make them ideal for this demanding application. Their durable design and construction mean they can be exposed to high vibrations and shocks. Furthermore, due to AGM technology, the batteries are highly reliable and fast recovering after deep discharge.

In addition to this, their special lead-calcium grids ensure long service life which is particularly important for offshore wind turbines where servicing time is minimal, and costs are high.

Peter Stevenson, General Manager – Engineering and Technical for Industrial Batteries at GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd said: “We’re delighted to have been given TÜV certification for our industry leading NP batteries. Having a product that is certified by such a trusted and respected organisation is testament to the high quality and safety our batteries offer.”

Developed by GS Yuasa, the Yuasa NP series is the original and most reliable NP Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery in the market. It is the number one choice for contractors and installers around the world because of its quality and performance and typically found in the like of house alarms, fire & security systems, and emergency lighting.

From wind and solar, to tidal and wave, GS Yuasa batteries are used for renewable energy storage, grid stabilisation and whole host of other applications that are enabling us to create a greener future and more sustainable tomorrow. For more information about GS Yuasa visit

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