Yuasa expand popular YBX EFB range with next generation YBX7012 EFB battery

GS Yuasa have expanded their market-leading Yuasa YBX battery range with the launch of a new Enhanced Flooded (EFB) next generation automotive battery. The Yuasa YBX7012 EFB Start-Stop battery is now available to the aftermarket and will increase European parc coverage by over half a million vehicles.

The Yuasa YBX7012 EFB is a 12 Volt L1 DIN case type battery providing 50Ah and 540 A (EN). The type is popular in petrol and hybrid vehicles with a one litre engine. Applications include certain models of Fiat 500 and Panda, Seat Arona, Skoda Kamiq and Scala, and Volkswagen Polo, T-Cross and Up.

As with all batteries in the YBX7000 series it provides up to 270,000 engine starts and is engineered for vehicles with advanced technology such as Start-Stop for reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions. It also offers improved charge acceptance and performance thanks to a lithium carbon additive.

Yuasa offer more next generation batteries for vehicles with advanced technology than any other manufacturer. They are optimised for the partial state of charge performance required by emission reduction systems. All are fully maintenance free, supplied fully charged and ready to fit and feature a host of advanced safety features.

The Original Equipment (OE) quality, performance and specification Yuasa YBX range is the UK’s most popular vehicle battery range. It is trusted by technicians and motorists alike and provides over 99.9% coverage of the European vehicle parc.


Peter Whittaker, General Manager – Automotive and Motorcycle Engineering at GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd. said: “We are delighted to be adding the YBX7012 EFB Start-Stop battery to our popular Yuasa YBX range. Its addition to our offer means we have expanded our application coverage for a range of vehicles which equates to over 500,000 individual cars across Europe.

“As with all of the batteries we manufacture, the YBX7012 has been developed and tested by our industry-leading experts to provide the exceptional reliability, quality and performance for which we are renowned by millions of professionals and motorists worldwide.”

Jon Pritchard, General Manager – Automotive, Motorcycle and Industrial Components Division, added “Our OE quality Yuasa YBX automotive range is the UK market-leader and already provides the widest coverage of any brand on the market. The exciting addition of the new YBX7012 increases our unrivalled coverage of next generation batteries even further.

“For our customers, and the workshops they supply, this means they are able to fit batteries to more makes and models than ever before, especially as vehicles with advanced emission reduction systems, such as Start-Stop, become more prevalent in the parc. The 7012 EFB alone will increase UK park coverage by around 50,000 vehicles.”

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