GS Yuasa relaunches ‘Powering what matters’ advertising campaign across Europe

GS Yuasa, the leading Japanese global battery manufacturer with a local presence across Europe, is proud to announce the return of their high-profile advertising campaign, ‘Powering what matters’. Centring around a video advert, the popular and charming story explores the world of GS Yuasa through the eyes of 6-year-old Isabella and her mother.

Following the huge success of last year’s campaign, which achieved over 30 million impressions, the initiative will be relaunched for June and July across various European countries where GS Yuasa have a strong regional presence including in Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden. The coordinated activity will showcase the wide range of applications that utilise GS Yuasa batteries, highlighting why they are the number one choice for millions of applications around the world.

The videos and imagery highlight the diverse range of markets served by GS Yuasa, from starter batteries for automotive to batteries for satellites. Activity will be run over multiple digital and offline media channels including YouTube, social media, display advertising and throughout the battery manufacturers distributor network.

The superior quality, reliability and performance of GS Yuasa’s Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) and lithium-ion batteries make them the preferred choice for vehicle, motorcycle and industrial applications. This campaign builds upon GS Yuasa’s long-standing status as European market leader for industrial and motorcycle batteries for over 40 years.

James Douglas, European Group Marketing Manager for GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd said: “Our batteries have long been powering what matters, and this campaign brings the GS Yuasa name to the forefront of our activities. We know that almost all battery manufacturers make similar claims, however, we can go one step further with a message that is truly unique to us. This campaign highlights the enormous breadth of applications powered by GS Yuasa. From exploring the deepest depths of the ocean to the International Space Station 250 miles above earth – GS Yuasa batteries are the number one choice for millions of applications around the world.”

GS Yuasa’s coordinated European advertising is a testament to the battery giant’s continuous dedication to its customers, and its commitment to promoting the brand across the continent. Automotive technicians, motorcycle dealers, UPS technicians, and alarm installers are encouraged to follow @GSYuasaUK INSERT SOCIAL HANDLE on social media to explore the world of GS Yuasa for themselves and stay up to date with the latest news and developments.

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