Honda・GS Yuasa EV Battery R&D Co., Ltd. holds opening ceremony

At the opening ceremony held on August 7, all parties concerned gathered and were congratulated by President Mibe of Honda, and President Murao of GS Yuasa.

Comment from President Yamamoto of Honda・GS Yuasa EV Battery R&D

I believe the establishment of this new company in such a short period of time was made possible by the strong commitment of both companies to the future of electrification and the realization of a carbon-neutral society. In order to firmly meet these expectations, we will grow the new company and aim to contribute not only to Honda and GS Yuasa, but also to the automotive industry as a whole.

Honda・GS Yuasa EV Battery R&D will conduct research and development of highly competitive lithium-ion batteries and manufacturing methods on a global level to meet rapidly growing battery demand, as well as establish a supply chain for key raw materials and an efficient production system.

From left, President Mibe (Honda), President Yamamoto, President Murao (GS Yuasa)


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