GS Yuasa powers up for ees Europe 2024 with stellar showcase of leading energy storage solutions

GS Yuasa, the world’s leading battery manufacturer and global market leader for industrial batteries, is set to captivate attendees at the ees (Electrical Energy Storage) Europe exhibition from 19 to 21 June in Munich, Germany. Positioned prominently in Hall B2, Stand 360, GS Yuasa will showcase a remarkable array of energy solutions for a wide range of energy storage applications, with a special focus on its advanced lithium-ion modules and the innovative Butler S.

This year, under the event’s guiding theme “Innovating Energy Storage”, GS Yuasa’s stand will majorly showcase the versatility and capability of its battery technologies, demonstrating the global manufacturer’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for scalable energy storage, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), renewable energy storage, and mobile solutions.
GS Yuasa’s industrial lithium-ion cabinets and containers feature state-of-the-art lithium-ion modules, including the LIM50EL and LIM30HL. These offer high durability, exceptional cycle life, and superb high rate discharge performance making them ideal for applications demanding frequent charge/discharge cycles and for use in high-temperature environments.

Featuring GS Yuasa modules, the Butler S 50/25, developed by Emost, is a plug-and-play, environmentally friendly solution providing rapid electricity provision indoors and outdoors without a grid connection. This system represents a superior alternative to traditional diesel generators, offering a flexible power supply while avoiding exhaust fumes and noise emissions.
GS Yuasa lithium-ion batteries have been used in thousands of applications for over 30 years, with the technology even powering the International Space Station, Mitsubishi H-II rocket and Shinkai 6500 deep sea submersible. These are testament to GS Yuasa’s high standards and capabilities, and the broader spectrum of the company’s VRLA and lithium-ion batteries share the same quality, reliability, and performance.

Andrew Taylor, Managing Director and CEO of GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd., said “Our main showcase at ees Europe 2024 is centred around our industry-leading lithium-ion and VRLA batteries. These products represent the foundation of our leadership in battery technology and underscore our commitment to innovation and reliability.
“We look forward welcoming visitors to our stand so they can experience first-hand the power of GS Yuasa’s flagship products and services, which are designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s energy storage challenges and the developments of tomorrow.”

As GS Yuasa continues to navigate the future of energy storage, it remains dedicated to providing the highest levels of supply, support, service, and technical expertise to its customers while pioneering solutions that enhance our world.

Find GS Yuasa in Hall B2, Stand 360. Visit to discover more.

Visitors to the GS Yuasa stand will discover:

LIM50EL: industrial lithium-ion battery modules
These enable use over long periods (15 years) in applications with frequent charge/discharge cycles (11,000 charge/discharge cycles) as well as in environments with relatively high temperatures. They offer a safe backup solution, for data centres and other applications. They have a nominal capacity of 48.5Ah and are equipped with external communication functions compatible with monitoring systems for GS Yuasa storage batteries.

Butler S 50/25 – the mobile battery storage system
LIM50EL-12 modules have been installed in the environmentally friendly plug-and-play solution developed by Emost for the rapid provision of electricity indoors and outdoors. Butler S guarantees flexible power supply without grid connection at a better price/performance ratio than diesel generators. It allows ecological use without exhaust fumes and noise emissions. Currently, it is available with a nominal power of 50 kVA and a nominal capacity of 25 kWh.

LIM30HL modules: alternative for supercapacitors
Up to 50,000 cycles in a partially charged state are possible with these lithium-ion battery modules, which possess a nominal capacity of 31.5Ah. Their integrated BMS permanently monitors the condition of each cell. The maximum discharge rate is 600A (24C) with a discharge time of 14 seconds or 271A (10.8C) with up to five minutes. The LIM30HL modules are ideal for moveable applications, such as industrial trucks, diesel hybrid cranes and trains, as they are able to absorb regenerative energy on an intermittent basis.

Yuasa VRLA ranges
From UPS to alarm and security systems, telecommunications to renewable energies: the Yuasa brand maintenance free valve regulated lead-acid batteries (VRLA) from GS Yuasa ensure top performance in all applications. Europe’s leading standby ranges, the SWL, EN and ENL are produced in Europe and are utilised in thousands of major projects. Countless companies and infrastructures trust our dependable power in a vast array of application.

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