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Discover our upgraded and powerful LIM50EL lithium-ion battery

The cyclic lifetime of the powerful LIM50EL lithium-ion battery modules from GS YUASA is 11,000 charge/discharge cycles (DOD 100%). Powerful lithium-ion battery modules, mobile battery storage. The industrial lithium-ion battery modules of the LIM50EL series from GS YUASA enable use over long periods of time…

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GS Yuasa Succeeds in Using Silicon-metal Electrode Development to Improve the High Energy Density Technology in Lithium-ion Batteries

GS Yuasa Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6674; “GS Yuasa”) announced that it has both developed high energy density technology as well as longer lifecycles for silicon metal-based negative electrodes. Both of these properties have posed many challenges with respect to the commercialization of large batteries.…

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