Powering a carbon-neutral future: GS Yuasa & OOYOO set to pioneer next generation CO₂ capture and reuse solutions

GS Yuasa International Ltd., globally renowned as the world’s leading battery manufacturer and its subsidiary, GS Yuasa Membrane Co., Ltd., have reached a basic agreement with OOYOO Corporation. The collaboration aims to develop and provide high performance CO separation membrane systems, leading the charge in CO capture and reuse. They have set ambitious goals: to launch and commercialise CO separation modules by the fiscal year 2024 and to introduce the market to their innovative CO separation systems within the subsequent two years.

Much attention recently has been on technologies focused on CO₂ separation and capture, as they offer a promising path to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A key differentiator for this project is the utilisation of membrane separation, which is recognised for its cost-efficiency compared to other methods. This collaborative effort will fuse OOYOO’s cutting-edge, first-generation CO₂/N₂ separation membrane technology with the advanced efficiency of GS Yuasa Membrane’s spiral module technology. This integration is designed to optimise membrane performance.

The outcome? Compact, energy-efficient CO₂ separation systems capable of extracting and recycling CO₂ from exhaust and process gases in industrial settings. This isn’t just about CO₂ separation – it’s about revolutionising carbon recycling technology. With these systems, industries can repurpose recovered CO₂ to manufacture diverse products ranging from carbonated gas and fertilizers to dry ice, chemical products, and fuel. In doing so, we are paving the way for a carbon-neutral future.

Osamu Murao, President of GS Yuasa Corporation said: “GS Yuasa has contributed to the realisation of a sustainable society through the ‘mitigation’ of CO using energy storage technology. This agreement marks our entry into the new field of ‘capture and reuse’ of CO, using membrane-related technology developed through battery research. We will further accelerate our development efforts to realise a carbon-neutral society.”

GS Yuasa Europe stands as a pillar in the global GS Yuasa network, recognised as a market leader in battery manufacturing and supply. With specialised VRLA and lithium-ion ranges for industrial, automotive, and motorcycle applications, they combine state-of-the-art technology with proven expertise to deliver unparalleled performance and quality to customers across the continent.

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