Japan’s largest containerised energy storage installation will use GS Yuasa lithium-ion batteries to support renewable energy production

GS Yuasa Corporation, a global leader in energy storage solutions and the parent company of GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd., has announced a significant milestone in its commitment to sustainable energy solutions. The company has secured an order for Japan’s largest installation of containerised lithium-ion storage battery systems from ENEOS Corporation, marking a pivotal moment for Japan’s energy landscape and beyond.

Under this agreement, GS Yuasa will supply lithium-ion Energy Storage Systems (ESS) to strengthen grid stabilisation as a vital component of ENEOS Corporation’s innovative Virtual Power Plant (VPP) project. These systems will be installed at two critical facilities within the ENEOS Group—the ENEOS Muroran Plant and the Chiba Refinery of Osaka International Refining Company, Limited.

With a collective capacity of 290 MWh from 138 ESS containers, this installation represents Japan’s most extensive deployment of lithium-ion ESS containers for grid-level energy storage applications. 88 MWh will be allocated to the ENEOS Muroran Plant, while the Chiba Refinery of Osaka International Refining Company will benefit from a substantial 202 MWh of energy storage capacity. This monumental project highlights the rapid progression of lithium-ion battery technology in transforming the power sector.

VPP is a sophisticated system that orchestrates the remote and integrated control of distributed energy resources, including renewable energy, thermal power generation, storage batteries, and electric vehicles, effectively operating as a unified power plant.

Japan, much like Europe, has been experiencing a steady influx of renewable energy sources. However, this transition has presented challenges related to power grid stability due to the variable nature of renewable energy generation. These storage systems, a testament to GS Yuasa’s commitment to innovation, will play a pivotal role in harnessing the full potential of renewable energy sources by effectively managing the power supply-demand balance. By seamlessly recharging and discharging power to the grid, these systems ensure the stability and reliability of Japan’s power infrastructure.

The selection of GS Yuasa’s product follows a comprehensive assessment that recognised the superior quality, robust safety measures, and responsive after-sales support system that define GS Yuasa products.

Peter Stephenson, Senior Technical Coordinator at GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd., commented; “This momentous project underscores the pivotal role GS Yuasa plays in transforming the energy landscape. As Europe continues to embrace renewable energy solutions, this achievement in Japan resonates with our mission to support the transition to cleaner, more sustainable power sources.”

As part of its ongoing commitment to energy stability, GS Yuasa will continue to expand the reach of its lithium-ion energy storage systems. This expansion aligns with the broader goal of enhancing grid adaptability and promoting the increased utilisation of renewable energy sources, thereby contributing to Japan’s pledge of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

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